Still Life with Trophies of the Hunt, by Pierre Dupuis

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces


Ann Weil

March 7, 2024

Further considerations


Until My Dying Breath

By Stefanie Lee

I’ll tell you about how I’ve been remembering myself in the silver crucifixes and imaginary cracks of light underneath a centuries-old door frame. About how I find smudges of my soul on everything I touch, bones, dirt, the paper-thin resolve in my hands. It’s dark, you know.


Absolute Room and The Space

By T. A. R. Wallace

Indoors, faith's crumb turned my without force // as a red need - the language, the // locate plan.



By Mary Paulson

Hi Charlie, I // say as I’m // exiting our // neighboring abode.


Ode to the Flower (April 22, 2022) and 'Morgenlich Leuchtend im Rosigen Schein'

By Francis Fernandes

Trees, asleep in winter, dreaming of sun and blossoms. And why shouldn’t they?