Humming and Taking the Old Birdie Out for a Spin

By Robert Beveridge

The antique store hides // a portal to the underworld // behind a wall of maps // of places that don’t exist.


Human Pastoral Brick and Two Other Poems

By Chris Corlew

willow-white duck // the blistered // spigot squirts not only for you // but for my irradiated necktie


My Resume

By David A. Goodrum

I can hear new bark // forming as daylight // lengthens


Absolute Room and The Space

By T. A. R. Wallace

Indoors, faith's crumb turned my without force // as a red need - the language, the // locate plan.



By Mary Paulson

Hi Charlie, I // say as I’m // exiting our // neighboring abode.


Water Can't Roll and First Date

By Ellen Orr

As cast in copper, pelican reflects. // Pale plumage tarred brown. Preening // for naught: water seeps in, chills.


Wait, A Point, and Twice Revised Tales

By Edward Michael Supranowicz

There is an instant in all // Beginnings and endings // Where trees wait to bloom, // And rivers wait to flow.


The Fall

By Philip Miller

A snake removes its skin // and sheds what little innocence // we might have given credence to.


A Moment of Grace

By Glenn Wright

The black and yellow wasps // came at us from all directions.


to libra season

By Sarah Mengel

your memory, weaved inside ink smeared on a page.


Homo Humini Lupus and Funeral Music

By Howie Good

First I tried reading myself back to sleep. Then I tried the couch. // Then I visited among the other insomniacs scrolling on Facebook


White Crane Dies, then Dances, and One Other Poem

By Faye Wikner

GREY — our eyes meet, made of the same biology // and helplessness. We are every shade I have hunched // beneath, every spoonful of rain in soggy tracks I diverted // from. SEE, here?