The Rumen


Prize Bull, by H. Call (1876)
Prize Bull, by H. Call (1876)

Our Roots

The Rumen is a collaboration between writers, poets, and artists from a variety of demographics and backgrounds. Like the guts of an ungulate, we want The Rumen to be a space for ideas and experiences to digest, ferment, and transform. We are especially interested in publishing contributors from historically underrepresented people groups.

Our editors bring their own expertise from artistic, scientific, and technical fields. No discipline exists in isolation, and we believe that in The Rumen the ripples of these intersections can gather, collapse, and mutate into some greater, more meaningful summation.

The Rumen was founded in 2022 by Dave Sorensen, James Cole, and Chandler McGraw, but made possible through the work of artists from across the globe.

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