Boathouse, Winter, Harlem River, by Ernest Lawson (painter)

Wait, A Point, and Twice Revised Tales

By Edward Michael Supranowicz

There is an instant in all // Beginnings and endings // Where trees wait to bloom, // And rivers wait to flow.

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The Rumen is a collaboration between writers and poets from a variety of demographics and backgrounds. Like the guts of an ungulate, we want The Rumen to be a space for ideas and experiences to digest, ferment, and transform.

Latest Publications:


Mrs. Anglerfish

By R.B. Underwood

I wake up. The morning sun is seeping in through the closed curtains. What a beautiful day!


The Fall

By Philip Miller

A snake removes its skin // and sheds what little innocence // we might have given credence to.


A Visit from the Four Great Ones

By Tommy Cheis

Terror. In the sweat lodge. Drumming. Singing. Great Ones whispering.


A Moment of Grace

By Glenn Wright

The black and yellow wasps // came at us from all directions.


to libra season

By Sarah Mengel

your memory, weaved inside ink smeared on a page.


The Vampire

By Franz Margitza

The vampire was the only nice one at the party. He looked a little out of place, with his long cape and medallion, but very debonair and a little sad. He was standing near the counter dipping pita bread into the baba ganoush.


There are Too Many Texts in this Class

By Rebecca Anderson

The only contested property at the end of my first marriage was a used copy of Stanley Fish’s Is There a Text in This Class?


Milk Carton

By W. David Hancock

Sandy drags Billy with her to evening Off-boarding. Billy’s excited because it feels like a special occasion.


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