There are Too Many Texts in this Class

By Rebecca Anderson

The only contested property at the end of my first marriage was a used copy of Stanley Fish’s Is There a Text in This Class?


The Friedhof

By Jillian May

In April 1880 Marie Berna visited Arnold Böcklin at his Florence studio, where a painting in progress caught her eye.


The Longest Minute

By Nancy Glass

Our pediatric hospice team’s new patient was staying in a motel on the west side of the city.


The Cobra

By Tommy Vollman

Morning practices were always hard to stomach. Somewhat slowly, I made my way up to the big field at Parson’s. The sun, weak and silver, seemed to have gotten stuck about a quarter of the way up the flypaper sky.


The Letter that Elvis Never got to Send

By John Hill

I know the aging process is well underway when I go, in the space of what seems like a few weeks, from being the hippy, the youngest one on the block, to being the one who has been there the longest; to receiving offers for grave sites “pre-need;” to watching those my age gradually display gender convergence due to God-knows-what hormonal shift.


Goth Rock and Two Other Essays

By John Talbird

When I listen to Liars’ 2012 album WIXIW especially the trancey musings of “Octagon,” its hyper electronic drums, plodding keyboard bass, Angus Andrew’s murmurings of “I thought, I’ll live, I always thought you” or whatever it is he’s saying, I feel that a hole has been ripped in time...



By Rahul D Sharma

"This isn't a dry place but a dried place; this isn't a hot place but a heated place."


Quitting Chris

By Gaye Brown

I’m alone in the kitchen when I double over. Moaning in protest, I grab the counter, though I know I’ll be dragged under.


Latin America 101

By Chris Girman

This course will take you through 14 Latin America countries on planes, buses, taxicabs, bicycles, rafts, tuk-tuks, mopeds, and your own two feet.


The Chess Set

By Randi Glatzer

Outside, chattering crowds passed in the darkness after sunset. The streetlights shone into the store, where their glare melted into the softer yellow cast of table lamps.


Local Boy

By Brian Michael Barbeito

Hiding out from the Police and Taking Nature Photography in the Hills


Dreaming in the Round

By Jonathan Clark

It is in poetry that the idea of the genius—that unit of specific and particular capability—arrives in its fullest form.