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Editor James Cole

James Cole

James Cole is an author, poet, filmmaker, scientist, and ranidaphobe based out of Charlottesville, VA. He graduated from The College of William and Mary in 2018 with a degree in neuroscience and a bunch of unnecessary credits in creative writing and medieval studies.

During the days he researches developmental eye disorders as Ph.D. candidate at the University of Virginia Medical School. By night, he blathers poetry at anyone who will listen, and many who will not. His own writings appear in a number of publications, including Oddball Magazine, Poetica Review, and The Artemis Journal.

In 2019 he released his first poetry collection, Crow, come home with VerbalEyze Press. He also founded Charlottesville Poetry Critique Circle, Poetry Live! Showcase, and teaches poetics at WriterHouse. When he is not engaged in literary slapfighting he has been known to suffer horrific deaths in historic short films, simulate adventures with tiny plastic people, and clap way too loud for buskers.

Editor David Sorensen

David Sorensen

David Sorensen is a writer, musician, and web developer living in central Virginia. His stories have appeared in a number of literary magazines, including New Reader Magazine, The Squawk Back, Infinite Rust, and, depending on how gullible you are, Harper’s and The New Yorker. His upcoming novel, Unconventional Desire, will probably never actually be released or even finished.

For anyone who is interested, David’s favorite writers include David Foster Wallace, Dave Eggers, Douglas Coupland, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Mann, and Ivan Turgenev. He also likes trashy memoirs, by anyone.

Editor Chandler McGraw

Chandler McGraw

Chandler McGraw is an artist, photographer, critic, and museum professional based out of Roanoke, VA. He graduated from George Mason University in 2020, having studied studio art and sculpture. As a sculptor and mixed-media artist he is experienced with copper and steel, among other mediums. His experimental style draws influence from the works of Lee Bontecou, Louise Nevelson, and John Baldasari.

Outside his artistic efforts, Chandler is still seeking the Alf calendar with Melmackian anniversary gifts. He loves when tiny things are contained inside a larger version of themselves and frequently enjoys Twizzlers.

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